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Our QA/Autotest

Delight your customers with a solid solution that’s tested to perform up to expectations

  1. Website testing

    We have tested websites of all shapes and sizes for everyone from giant tech companies to small non-profits.

  2. Mobile app testing

    We have tested dozens of mobile apps, improving user experience for millions of people.

  3. Software testing

    One of our core services is software testing. Whether you’re looking for QA testing services for mobile apps or desktop software, we have you covered

  4. Express testing

    If you have a limited budget or tight timeline, our express testing services are here for you

  5. Regression testing

    We can test your iOS or Android mobile app or website from top to bottom, whether you want a one-time engagement or regression testing at the end of every sprint

Our UI/UX Design

Create engaging products and apps focused specifically on your users’ preferences and needs. Exceed their expectations with Dnieper UI and UX services

  1. UI concept creation

    You can create custom animations and transitions from several gestures and interactions.

  2. UX design services

    Dnieper design services thoroughly approach every product interaction with and creates flawless experiences that elevate users.

  3. Web user interface development

    User interface design services are aimed at creating visually appealing, brand strengthening digital experiences that attract and retain users

  4. Mobile app UI development

    Sometimes all that's required to take your app to the next level is getting a fresh and unbiased opinion from a skillful design team

  5. UI/UX for cross-platform apps

    With every new feature, we begin by gathering inspiration, then sketching a variety of approaches to key interactions until something feels right

  6. Desktop app UI design & development

    Our designers build interfaces in software or computerized devices, focusing on looks or style

Our Project management

Our goal as project managers is to provide customers with value and knowledge

  1. Contracts & Funding

    Accurately outline the details of GSA’s contractual and funding processes

  2. Vendor proposals

    Accurately analyze vendor proposals for proper scope and budgetary items to ensure customers are getting best value

  3. Estimating

    Build accurate cost estimates based on customer requirements

  4. Coordination

    Coordinate between contractors and tenants to ensure tenant satisfaction and comfort. This includes weekly or biweekly meeting coordination,reporting outages of building systems, access to tenant space, after-hours work, progress updates, submittals, and change request management

  5. Strict adherence

    Develop an accurate scope of work outlining agency requirements and needs while ensuring strict adherence to code compliance

  6. Scheduling

    Develop projected schedules that accurately reflect the required time for each milestone in the overall requirement

  7. Quality control

    Ensure projects stay on - time and on a budget through oversight and quality control methods.

  8. Navigation

    Navigate customers through complex technical, contractual, or regulatory issues

  9. Creative solutions

    Provide creative solutions to help lower costs or meet project objectives

  10. Documented inspections

    Provide documented inspections on all work being performed

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