Alliance Furnishings

The customer asked for help with automating his dropshipping furniture business. Our client had a website where he displayed information about the products he did not have in stock, as soon as the customer placed an order, the client’s management team ordered the necessary goods from suppliers and sent them to the buyer’s address.


Develop business automation. The client had a large team of managers who manually maintained information and еxchanged Excel files, so it was necessary to create a single solution that would store all the necessary data in a systematic manner and exchange them in one place. 


Outdated and inconvenient CRM. There was an unreliable CRM, which was maintained manually and took a lot of time. For example, the calculation of prices was done by managers in Excel-type sheets and manually updated information in the catalogs on the site.

Developed a script that calculates and displays prices in a table. The cost of delivery is calculated for the product, for this, data is taken from the supplier’s table, which contains 3 size indicators and 1 weight indicator and sent to the Fedex API. Then a response is received and the necessary data (delivery rating) is taken and recorded in the table. Thus, we speed up and automate certain work processes, which improves the overall result.


Fedex API