Mevzu is a Turkish unusual mobile dating app. It has 3 modes of use including matchmaking (predicting whether randomly matched couples can become a success story), finding someone or both at once.

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The main challenge was to develop something unique and non-standard, because the market of dating apps is oversaturated and therefore it is very difficult to surprise users.  

In addition to the unique concept, it was necessary to develop an application that would allow the dating to work in Muslim countries.

We have developed three modules for users, one of which is a real matchmaker. This is a unique randomizer algorithm of the application that takes photos of different users and creates random pairs, after which other users suggest whether this pair can meet. The matched couple can send each other chat messages. The best matchmakers get their ratings and awards.

By adding the function of voice communication in user chats, we have added an unusual feature that also distinguished the application among competitors. 


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